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Top Tips to Prevent the Spread of Tree Diseases

We all want the trees in our yard to stay heathy. If they’re not, a safety hazard can quickly arise, not to mention that unhealthy trees can become unsightly. Fortunately, there are ways in which trees can be protected from diseases. Even if a disease has already infected a tree, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the spread. The team at Trees Are Us of Middle GA is ready to help you with those tasks.

Issues Can Be Hard to Spot

Sometimes, infections and other ailments can affect a tree without it becoming obvious to you. That’s why it can be a good idea for a professional to take a look at your trees periodically. At Trees Are Us of Middle GA, we can closely inspect all the trees on your property to see whether any problems are apparent to our trained eyes. We know where to inspect and what exactly to look for. As with many things, prevention is key, and it can be the best course of action.

Removing Damaged Areas

Once a problem is apparent, it’s important that we address it as soon as possible so that the rest of the tree can hopefully be protected. We can remove the damaged branches in a safe manner, and we’ll dispose of those branches properly. Composting branches or turning them into wood chips doesn’t mean that the harmful matter has been taken care of. In fact, pathogens can survive this process and then spread to other parts of your yard. Removal from the property is the best idea.

If you do end up giving this a try on your own, remember that pathogens and fungi can stick to your tools after you’ve done your cuts. You have to clean your tools properly in order to prevent the transmission of the disease to another tree. Bleach will be able to handle the job.

Be Proactive

Professionally pruning your trees can keep them healthy and strong. This prevents dense growth in some areas, which can accelerate the spread of disease.

Also, keep in mind that some diseases are prominent in Warner Robins and this area of Georgia. For instance, red oak is particularly susceptible to oak wilt, and a fungicide can be used to protect them. Dogwood trees can be protected from a type of root rot by making sure soil drainage is sufficient. In addition, bacterial leaf scorch is common because of the hot weather we experience; fertilizing and removing damaged branches can be a course of action.

It’s impossible to prevent all damage and disease from occurring, but we can take steps to minimize issues. We’d be happy to be of service to you. Give us a call today to learn more.

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