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The Best Time to Prune Your Trees

Warner Robins, GA has a warm climate that makes certain types of trees thrive. You might have ash and gum trees in your yard that are beautiful to look at, and they add some value to your home. Chestnut and cedar trees are just as gorgeous, and they provide some shade to help you stay cool on hot Georgia days. Before you call Trees Are Us of Middle GA for help, learn how often you should prune your trees and the best time of the year for the job.

How Often Should You Prune Your Trees?

You usually want to prune your trees at least once every five years. Mature trees need less pruning than younger trees do because they adapt to the Georgia environment. If you aren’t sure how old the tree is, you should opt for professional pruning every three years. The expert you hire can give you an idea of the tree’s age and let you know when you need to prune it again. Pruning younger trees helps train their growth.

Is There a Good Time to Prune Trees?

The best time to prune and trim trees is around late winter or early spring. As Georgia temperatures climb so high in the summer, pruning at the height of the heat can stress a tree. Heavy pruning thins out its leaves, which it requires for transpiration. This sort of work is best done when the tree is still dormant. A professional will remove dead branches and trim back other spots to make the tree healthier.

How to Tell If Your Trees Need Pruning

It’s easy to tell if your Warner Robins trees need pruning because you can look for some of the signs of distress. A big sign is that a tree has broken branches. Not only do those branches serve as a hazard to your family, but they also leave the tree susceptible to certain diseases. You also want to look for dead or dying branches and trees that have misshapen limbs. If you have trees growing over or near your power lines, they pose a serious risk and need to be cut back. Don’t forget to look for trees that show signs of storm damage.

Georgia summers are the perfect time to barbecue with friends and have fun hanging out with your family. Damaged and dying trees can limit how much fun you have and keep you from inviting over your friends. You don’t have to wait until spring to correct severe damage. Call us at Trees Are Us of Middle GA today to come assess the situation and correct it. We’re here to help you beautify your Warner Robins landscape.

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