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Don’t Be Fooled by Tree Care Myths

Planting trees is one of the most popular ways to help the environment while adding beauty to your property. But, when the roots are in the ground, many people don’t know what else to do and often believe pervasive myths about caring for trees. Some of these myths can actually kill your tree, and you won’t know why. Here are the most common myths about tree care for you to understand and ignore.

1. It Looks So Weak, Better Stake It

Saplings look frail, and the myth is you need to tie them to a stake to help them stand upright. The truth is, it’s better for the tree’s trunk to let it grow naturally. Tests show that trees that grew on their own are sturdier than staked saplings.

Stakes can also damage the young tree if the stakes are not correctly used and eventually kill it.

2. Pruning Is No Big Deal, Just Cut Off Some Unwanted Branches

This is a very damaging myth because pruning is an art and a science and is best left to our professionals at Trees Are Us of Middle GA.

The two main purposes of pruning trees in the Warner Robins, GA area are to maintain growth and remove unwanted branches. Each type of tree has a season for pruning in the Warner Robins area, and it’s rarely during the warm summer months. Indiscriminately cutting off foliage may spur local growth, but it is not a good idea for the overall health of the tree. Professionals understand how much foliage trees need to photosynthesize to make energy for optimum growth.

Chopping off branches can upset the balance of spurring new growth and maintaining a proper amount of leaf area for health. In addition, branches need to be cut in the proper place, not just hacked away anywhere.

3. Filling Holes in the Trunk With Concrete Is Good for the Tree

This is a myth that used to be considered a good idea, and people regularly did it. They thought it would strengthen the trunk and promote healing. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The concrete is solid, but the tree is a living thing that shifts in the wind and doesn’t stop growing. The solid concrete inside the trunk will not move, and the tree can damage itself when it rubs against the concrete. The developing abrasions can cause decay, especially during the summer in Georgia, and allow diseases to take hold and eventually cause death.

4. Tree Topping Improves the Health of a Weak Tree

Tree topping is not good for any tree. The new growth is weak and will be hazardous when it breaks and falls. Removing the top of a tree reduces its ability to create energy, increasing its susceptibility to infestation and disease.

In nature, trees grow and die, creating beautiful forests and woodlands. But, in your garden in or near Warner Robins, GA, your trees need the care we can give to maintain their health and beauty for years. Contact us at Trees Are Us of Middle GA for the best tree care in the area.

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